Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decomposed Love

I did it
Became your heart 
While capturing your soul
Grew with you
Not above you
Walked in your pain
Bathed in your anger
Slept with your fear
Slowly, becoming you
While you became me
But you turned, slipped into a crack
Broke our bond
Shattered our oneness
Hurt me
Separated an equal
Killed our soul

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Traveling Eyes
Imagine my life through traveling eyes
Detaching and latching from life to life
Connecting, living, seeing life from the eyes of others
Becoming the passion eyes describe
Feel the pain that makes eyes cry
Drown in the worry and sorrow of others
Identify with their pain, changing what I can
Conquering the shock of the living
Overcoming the fear of the dead
Transferring the belief of hope and soaring through troubled times
When the eyes are at rest and come to a close they'll be less weary
More welcoming, more pleasing, more loving